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Sports massage and soft tissue therapy specialists in Bury

Our Story

MoveTrue therapist Bobby Feven has numerous forms of soft tissue therapy within his toolbox. He practises using a blend of techniques and skills he’s acquired over the course of his 20+ year career as a Sports Therapist and Movement Specialist. 

Bobby qualified in Sports Massage Therapy in 1999 and continued his training at the London School of Sports Massage in 2003. He has run successful private practices in Bury and Birmingham ever since. Bobby has worked with national and international standard athletes including Football, Track Athletics, Running, Cycling, Cricket, various Martial Arts and Squash to name but a few. He regularly attends continual development courses, forming a highly effective approach to treatment and training within his practice and enabling clients to achieve their goals both in sports and every day life.

Our Mission & Vision

MoveTrue provides top class treatment to members of the public and sports teams/clubs alike. The enhancement of overall physical health and performance is our priority. We focus on the muscular system, joint mobility, strength and flexibility. Education and explanation of findings and treatment plans are a key aspect of sessions as they provide clarity about the structure and principles required for progress. We help people take responsibility for their health, strength and mobility by providing key insights and findings about their personal situations and provide custom plans for continual personal development post treatment. 


What We Do

"The best treatment I've ever had. Bobby really knew his stuff and I enjoyed the FRC exercises he gave me to keep improving myself."

Luke, Age 22

"I've been in top level track and field athletics for decades and Bobby is up there with the best of the soft tissue therapists I've known and been treated by"

Tony, Age 62

"After a serious accident and a subsequent operation on a broken leg, I struggled with training due to pain for 10 years. With Bobby's guidance and treatment I've got ZERO pain! He has truly changed my life"

Michelle, Age 35

"I love the FRC exercises Bobby programmes for me. The quality guidance videos are a huge help. Massage treatments he does are great and keep my legs fresh for my Ultra running exploits"

Richard, Age 52

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