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MoveTrue are specialists in Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy in Bury

Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy 

MoveTrue utilises many types of soft tissue management techniques including sports massage, soft tissue release, Functional Range Release and joint mobility. We carry out a thorough assessment during the first session so we can see where the patient is at that moment. Then a plan is built to treat the cause of the issue and an exercise programme is provided with videos for long term improvement and progress at home.  

This will improve conditions such as: chronic muscular tightness and tension, chronic nerve pain, muscle tissue injuries, ligament and/or tendon damage, tendonitis, fasciaitis, Post-Op recovery periods and many more…


Musculoskeletal Assessment

Using principles of Functional Range Assessment (FRA) and Functional Range Release (FR) a combination of palpation and table testing assessments are carried out to obtain a clear picture of your tissue quality and movement capabilities. Specific treatment strategies are then built and followed in order to restore tissue function.

Joint Assessment

MoveTrue view joint assessment as a fundamental aspect of any treatment plan. Using the principles of FRA, we gather and record a thorough and accurate picture of the capabilities and limitations of the deepest tissues of your body with precise baseline measurements. With the detailed assessment results in hand, a more precise and beneficial treatment/training plan can be devised using Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) to improve ADL’s (activities of daily living), sports performance, general movement potential etc. 

Exercise Therapy/Prescription

Increasing your body awareness and control is vital to a full recovery and prioritised in the treatment plan. FRC principles are utilised to systematically increase mobility, strength and body control both during a session and as homework to continue progress. The programmes produced should be used as a long term strategy to keep driving development and improvement over time, and will be adjusted as and when needed to avoid training stagnation. Sessions will include some active participation either on a treatment table or on a mat.

Our Facilities & Services

MoveTrue are operating within a friendly and welcoming clinic in the Holcombe Brook area of Bury. The services listed above are carried out on site including the mobility and strength training classes and are all accessible by appointment in advance. 

"The best treatment I've ever had. Bobby really knew his stuff and I enjoyed the FRC exercises he gave me to keep improving myself."

Luke, Age 22

"I've been in top level track and field athletics for decades and Bobby is up there with the best of the soft tissue therapists I've known and been treated by"

Tony, Age 62

"After a serious accident and a subsequent operation on a broken leg, I struggled with training due to pain for 10 years. With Bobby's guidance and treatment I've got ZERO pain! He has truly changed my life"

Michelle, Age 35

"I love the FRC exercises Bobby programmes for me. The quality guidance videos are a huge help. Massage treatments he does are great and keep my legs fresh for my Ultra running exploits"

Richard, Age 52

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